The Shreveport Regional Arts Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

artspace Administrator

Classification:  Full-time, Salaried Exempt
Salary Range:  Open
Required Degree: College Bachelor of Arts or Business Degree with Arts emphasis
Experience:  2 + years Arts Gallery, Arts Center, or Retail experience preferred
Required Skills:   Excellent customer service skills, excellent communication (verbal and written) skills, data management, math skills, highly developed organizational skills, a knowledge of the Arts and Artists, and excellent attention to detail required.

artspace is a program of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) located at 708 Texas Street as an Arts Center, known as THE Destination for Arts, Food, and Fun.  The Mission of artspace is to nurture, create, produce and present ALL of the ARTS in a manner that is accessible to ALL of the citizens and visitors to Northwest Louisiana.

Job Description: The artspace Administrator works collaboratively as the organizing arm of a team that includes the Artistic Director, Creative Director (overseeing the design of Exhibitions), Education Director, and Catering/Culinary Director (Southern Fork Catering). 


The Administrator oversees the policies, procedures, timelines and relationships surrounding all aspects of artspace to include:  

1.    Exhibition Research:  Overseeing Exhibition research to make recommendations to the Artistic Director, Academy Award-Winner William (Bill) Joyce; oversees all Artists’ correspondence, contract development/management, inventory control, hang tags and vinyl signage, and maintaining the integrity of the Exhibitions throughout the duration of the show. The artspace Administrator manages five different exhibition spaces in three separate sites:  MAINSPACE, COOLSPACE & LAGNIAPPE @ artspace; Central ARTSTATION Gallery; and Central Gallery at the Community Foundation – serving as a “promotion” of the exhibitions at artspace and Central ARTSTATION.

2.    Artists:  The artspace Administrator oversees correspondence, contracts, inventory (acceptance, care, and return) and promotion of Artists selected for MAINSPACE, COOLSPACE, LAGNIAPPE, CENTRAL GALLERY (@ the Community Foundation), the Central ARTSTATION Gallery (801 Crockett Street), and GIFTSPACE exhibitions/sales. The Exhibitions are selected and/or approved by William Joyce; designed and installed by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council Creative Director; and managed (inventory/hang tags/invitations to openings/sales) through the organizational skills of the artspace Administrator.  The Administrator will also support Northwest Louisiana Artists by attending Openings, visiting Studios, and garnering information on Artists for potential Exhibitions.

 3.    Audiences:  The artspace Administrator will oversee the greeting and audience education process generating an exemplary customer experience for each and every visitor by keeping the front area including the Front Desk and Gift Shop inviting, organized and clean, acting as hostess, docent and information source, and encouraging sales of art, giftspace items, and educational bookings, and rentals, food and catering.  Additionally, the Administrator will oversee the process for documenting audience participation in order for SRAC to capture email information to populate the email list and invite the guest to return for additional programming.

a.    Rentals, Food & Catering:  The artspace Administrator will supervise the artspace “role” in all rentals and catered events.  Some events are catered by Southern Fork Catering Service – the in-house arm of the artspace catering. Some events are produced by SRAC, such as Opening Receptions, Meetings, and Gatherings.  Some events are strictly rental of the space and are managed by the artspace Administrator.  This management includes ensuring the artspace is prepared for the event and that we are “staffed” throughout the event as needed.

b.    Giftspace @ artspace.  This includes the formal acceptance and inventory of the artworks and managing the sale of the works to include the paperwork for sales tax exemption of Original Works and the payments to the Artists. 

c.    Birthday Parties @ artspace.  This includes booking the party, preparing the party area, ensuring that the Artists are booked and that the cupcake decorating area and beverages are coordinated.

d.    School Tours:  Booked via the Education Director; but operated through the Administrator.
e.    Hands-On Activities and WORKSHOPS that have a fee.

 5.  Promotion:  Overseeing the Promotion of artspace (exhibitions, café, giftspace, and special events) to include face book and website updates, email blasts, and research to inform the creation of press releases and television advertising. This will be coordinated with the Shreveport Regional Arts Council Marketing Director.

6.  Calendar of Events and Event Management:  Communicating and managing the art calendar of events with the entire team:  Education, Exhibition, Catering, Café, Cleaning – Custodial, and Marketing. The artspace Administrator produces or facilitates at least four events each week ranging from a small board meeting to a large Exhibition Opening.  We are all expected to help in all ways as the needs dictate:  cleanliness, table décor, centerpieces, greeting the guests, and managing the sale of artworks.

 7.    Stamina!:  Must be able to work long hours, late nights and weekends as required.

 Please Submit Resume by Friday, January 19, 2018 to:

Pam Atchison
Executive Director
Shreveport Regional Arts Council
801 Crockett Street
Shreveport, LA 71101