Tuesday, June 23   |   5:30 pm – 10:00 pm   |   Municipal Auditorium
See area singers, actors, dancers and performers of all backgrounds with the presentation of a $2,000 Best of Show Award  by Performing Arts Critic:  Anne Marie Welch

DESTINY: HOPE, an original opera about Miley Cyrus
A comic chamber-opera in one act by COSTAS DAFNIS - 15-minute version, showing the main themes and arias from the full production.

Willetta - Willetta performs her spoken word/melody piece titled Journey: Of A Woman 

AIRHEART - Acoustic trio AIRHEART will sing a sampling of covers and original tunes.

Inter City Row Modern Dance Company - Luther Cox, Jr. presents a modern dance work which includes members of his dance company.

Vela Nora - Vela Nora is an audio-visual performance project.  Leigh Rose engages the audience through an expressive musical act, Caitlin Lindsay performs live paintings that coincide with the music.

Renee “Reneesance” Caldwell - Reneesance gives an energetic and entertaining live performance that engages and delights her audiences. 


Lomax the Grey
Lomax The Grey presents the music of Dreamland:  A live performance of original electronic music created for the independent film Dreamland.

Louisiana Dance Collective
We will be exploring the evolution and growth of choreography from a simple phrase to complex rhythms and movements by making small changes to the phrase at a time. We are also planning a portion with audience creation and participation.

Brenda Wimberly
A presentation of varied genres of vocal music including Classical, Jazz, Sacred and the Negro Spiritual

 Tchai, a musical collective
Jazzy, psychedelic improv music with percussion jam and usually a performance by a dancer.

Arty Dodger, the Southern Gentleman Juggler
A juggling show full of high energy juggling and comedy using items a gentleman normally has around him. Plates, hat, cane, and so much more.

Twang Darkly
Twang Darkly performs original instrumental music featuring hand built instruments like electric dulcimer and bamboo flute.


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