UNSCENE! MARCH featuring Stan the Record Man Lewis 

Christmas in the Sky 2014 Theme Announcement/Kickoff 

Public Art Sculptures by Julie Glass

Open Enrollment for Arts Entrepreneurial Intensive Training Series

Shreveport Common touted as a Leader in Creative Placemaking

UNSCENE! February featuring Skater Steve Olson

Critics Series continues with Critical Mass 2

Steve Olson Artist Residency Begins

Art The Dalmation – Give a Dot, Give a Legacy

Robert E. Trudeau: “Shalon, a Film Portrait” debuts at UNSCENE! on Dec. 14

UNSCENE! December featuring Inside Out

Piatigorsky Foundation and Noel Foundation, Inc. present a night of musical masterpiece by Rodrigo Garciarroyo (tenor) and Mario Alberto Hernandez (piano) at artspace

TNT Express Holiday Trolley Tour 2013.  Presents at coolspace

Bucket List Chalkboard by local Artist Megan Davis presents new outlook on life

City of Shreveport Fellowship Awards presented to local Artists during ceremony at artspace

UNSCENE! November featuring the Texas Avenue Makers Fair

SRAC receives $50,000 grant from Chase Foundation – October 28, 2011

SRAC receives $100,000 grant for CommonLink Project – July 12, 2011

Mayor Glover speaks to the National Council on the Arts – NEA, June 24, 2011

Public gets preview of Shreveport Common – Shreveport Times, June 18, 2011

NEA chairman, Rocco Landesman, visits Shreveport – Shreveport Times, March 11, 2011

Art Works in Shreveport - National Endowment for the Arts Blog, March 10, 2011

MICD 25 Spotlight on Shreveport, Louisiana – National Endowment for the Arts Blog, August, 26, 2010

NEA Initiatives MICD 25, Shreveport Regional Arts Council - National Endowment for the Arts Website

NEA Spends Some Money: $3 Million Goes To “Neighborhood Transformation” - Arts Journal Blog, July 15, 2010