The artist is at the center of all we do…”

Rocco Landesman, National Endowment for the Arts Chairman
March 9, 2011, Strand Theatre, Shreveport, LA


SRAC is always looking for new ways to support access to the arts for the community, which means more opportunities for artists.  Check the “Resources for Artists” link for a listing of opportunities.


SRAC  worked with the city to design, advocate and receive state designation for the state’s 3rdCultural District in 2009.  The Cultural District (see map) is bounded by Pete Harris Boulevard on the West, Lake Street on the South, the Red River on the East, and Fannin Street on the North.  Public Hearings for the planning and development of the Cultural District included the members of the Northwest Louisiana Juried Artist Roster and two public hearings wherein all area artists and community were invited.

SHREVEPORT COMMON is the fulfillment of the goals of the Cultural District and is being designed to stimulate purchases, tourism and the development of the Arts.  Through the development of SHREVEPORT COMMON, artists are at the forefront of creating a Cultural District.

The benefits of the Cultural District include:

  • Original and “limited edition” artworks sold in the Cultural District by a regional business (ex: artspace, Barnwell Garden & Arts Center, Red River Revel) can be sold tax-free to encourage the purchase of art.
  • Encourages purchases of expensive art to collectors
  • Applies to visual arts and to a “limited edition” of digital media products.
  • 25% State Historic Tax Credits apply to buildings in a Cultural District, new and old, that are being repurposed for use by an artist or arts organization.


Entrepreneurial growth begins with the Central ARTSTATION and the SHREVEPORT COMMON, which is in the core of Shreveport’s Cultural District.  Central ARTSTATION is designed to include an Artist Entrepreneurial Development Center.  Recognizing that public funding is waning (OK, let’s be real…2009, 2010 & 2011 saw over 80% in cuts to the Arts by the city, 30% by the state and the elimination of Arts In Education and individual artist funding, and the NEA’s ongoing policy not to provide direct funding support to individual artists) and artists are looking for NEW alternative funding, paid programming, tuition and fee-based work.  The aim of the Central ARTSTATION is to support professional artists with transition into a more business based career.

Currently, the Bossier Arts Council provides preliminary basic support for artists to begin approaching their career from a business perspective with one-on-one support, training, equipment and technical assistance for advocational and emerging artists throughout Northwest Louisiana.

The Central ARTSTATION will support artists and arts organizations with the next step in achieving their mission through:

  • Formal training programs with experts in their field
  • Equipment and office convening space
  • Networking opportunities
  • Emerging artists’ gallery
  • Engine room with professional stage management to generate new uses for flexible space to be utilized by all art forms with 250 seating capacity in a Black Box Theatre style or flexible open space.
  • Space to host fundraising events with a catering kitchen
  • Expansion opportunity to utilize space outside the building with full electrical outlets, ability to close off the street, and access through the engine room doors.
  • Staffed Arts Business Center that provides a resource library, technical assistance, computers for research and development.


  • The Northwest Louisiana (Region 7) Artists’ Directory is designed to recognize and highlight artists from all art disciplines and media in Northwest Louisiana. The opportunities, guidelines, and online application associated with the Northwest Louisiana Artists Directory can be found on the Shreveport Regional Arts Council website (
  • Submissions for acceptance onto the Northwest Louisiana Artists Roster are accepted year round and semi-annually judged.  A different Roster Artist is featured on the homepage of the SRAC each month.  Roster Artists meet monthly for professional networking and to discuss and recommend Arts policies to SRAC.  Roster Artists are selected to serve on the SRAC Board.
  • Artists selected for mainspace, coolspace and lagniappe exhibitions in artspace are each promoted with an opening reception for the public.  The exhibition is advertised in regional media, social media, on the artspace and websites, building signage and through email and postcard mailing.
  • Northwest Louisiana Artists are invited to submit their original artworks for sale in thegiftspace @ artspace.  Artworks are selected based on craftsmanship, originality, marketability and prices that attract the typical arts customer in the area.  Artworks are sold on consignment with artists receiving 70% of the sale of the item (before shipping and tax are applied) with taxes collected and reported for the artist.  Items are displayed in giftspace on a quarterly basis.  In May of 2011, giftspace will launch an online e-boutique to include the showcase of items on a larger scale and with a higher price point to attract a broader customer base with national promotion.
  • The was created in 2009 in partnership with the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourism Bureau to promote arts and cultural events happening in Northwest Louisiana.  Artists and arts organizations are encouraged to utilize this website to promote their shows and exhibitions.  More than 200,000 persons visit this website annually.  SRAC and the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourism Bureau aggressively promote the website through local, regional and national media.


SRAC currently offers artists the opportunity to exhibit and perform their art through artspace coolspace and mainspace exhibitions, giftspace @ artspace, and starting in summer 2012 – there will be opportunities at the Central ARTSTATION, SHREVEPORT COMMON, and at special events associated with fairs, festivals, gallery walks, TNT Express, and more.  There are a number of other locations where artists can exhibit or perform in Northwest Louisiana.  Go to the SRAC website at for a listing of the locations.

Artists are encouraged to propose ideas for performances and exhibitions by contacting SRAC or artspace.  mainspace and coolspace exhibitions @ artspace are selected by the Artistic Director, William Joyce.

  • artspace mainspace exhibitions are typically thematic to include a variety of arts disciplines.  There is not a mainspace application…consider making a suggestion!  Previous artist-inspired shows include Dia de los MuertosThe Legacy of Clyde Connell, SIX, Triumph Over Tragedy, The Money Show, Tattoo, Graffiti, artspace/Space Art, andBonofide.
  • Artists are encouraged to include artworks for sale in artspace coolspace exhibitions that attempt to create a gallery-like setting.  coolspace can also feature performers and literary art.  For applications to exhibit at artspace, visit the artspace website.
  • In addition, artists may recommend the inclusion of prizes or critiques to group or individual shows.  The Impromptu exhibition, from March 10 through April 23, 2011, proved to be an example of achieving regional goals for professional artists.  The inclusion of significant prize money, extensive marketing and professional journalistic critiques took artspace’s level of professionalism to a new degree and we expect to continue the rich professional achievement.  It is SRAC’s goal to include an annual show with awards and professional critique.


  • Artists are at the center of all we do.  SRAC supports that artists must be compensated when their work is displayed in public spaces.  SRAC is working with government entities, such as SPAR, DDA, Shreveport Green, etc. to advocate for a Public Art ordinance that identifies and allocates funds for the creation, fabrication, installation, documentation and maintenance of Public Art.  This ordinance will encourage Public Art that creates a fund to launch a downtown and Shreveport community public art plan while providing art in neighborhoods and communities.
  • SRAC seeks to develop innovative art purchases, commissions and rentals of individual art to be placed in government buildings.  These considerations will be included in a Master Public Art Plan to be updated every three years and administered through an appointed Public Art Committee that reports to the SRAC Board.
  • The city of Shreveport has designated SRAC to oversee and administer Public Art for Shreveport.  The Public Art Initiative, chaired by SRAC Board member Jodie Glorioso, who convenes a selection committee of 9 members for Public Art opportunities.  This selection committee is convened and reviews artworks gifted to the City of Shreveport; public artworks created at Red River Revel; projects commissioned by other agencies (such as the 2011 Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourism Bureau Mural) and the Downtown Development Authority sponsored “Art Islands” on Texas Street; and proposals that come from the community.  The Public Art Selection Committee is comprised of artists and community members for which the project is designed to serve. For example, if an artist in the Highland Neighborhood proposes an installation for Columbia Park, the Public Art Selection Committee would feature representations from the Highland  Partnership, along with artists, and a representative appointed by the City Council member for Highland.
  • If the project is in a public facility or building, then it is administered with a “Call to Artists,” a selection process that includes a balanced representation of city and community members, implementation and installation of the artwork, documentation and maintenance.  The artwork is owned and maintained by the City of Shreveport.



The Northwest Louisiana Juried Artist Roster is a group of professional artists who have been juried onto the Roster based on the quality of their body of artwork and professional experience.  Bi-annually, the Northwest Louisiana Juried Artists Roster will select a jury of out-of-town judges that will review the Northwest Louisiana Artists’ Directory for the entries of the new artists who have submitted during the previous year and determine, based on the quality of the artist’s body of work, who will be added to the Juried Artist Roster.

Benefits of the Roster include:

  • Participation in setting policies and guidelines for the growth of the ARTS Northwest Louisiana! The NW Louisiana Juried Artist meets monthly to discuss opportunities for artists and policies that will drive growth for the Arts.
  • Promotion on the Shreveport Regional Arts Council Directory WEBSITE.
  • As a member of the Juried Artists’ Roster you will receive the official Artist Card which provides Free Admission to all artspace Exhibition Openings and events. In addition you will have access to special events pre-identified via invitation.
  • The opportunity to be featured as the “Artist of the Month” on the SRAC website.
  • Expedited “qualifying procedures” for most of the “Calls” for public art commissions, teaching opportunities, exhibitions, and the new opportunities that await artists in Northwest Louisiana.
  • First news about “Calls”, grant opportunities and other professional development for Artists.
  • Newsletter promoting opportunities for artists in the Region
  • An expedited application process for giftspace and coolspace located within artspace
  • Invitations to all arts events that the Shreveport Regional Arts Council produces.



Arts In Education is vital to the programming of SRAC, providing $125,000 for professional artist fees in 2009/2010.  SRAC contracts with professional artists to teach at the annual ArtBreak Festival, in the Hands-On Arts program at artspace, and in regional school arts programs.

Grants:  SRAC employs a full time Community Development Director to assist with grant writing and to equip artists and non-profit arts organizations in Northwest Louisianato better manage their organization through direct Technical Assistance and extensive Training.  Additionally, SRAC partners with the State of Louisiana Division of the Arts, LANO (Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations) and the Americans for the Arts to provide outstanding capacity building workshops, national resources, and one-on-one assistance to artists and arts organizations.

SRAC regrants funds from the City of Shreveport to provide competitive grant funding to arts organizations and individual artists.  All private, non-profit organizations, colleges, and universities that are incorporated within the Shreveport city limits, as well as individual artists who will implement projects in Shreveport are eligible to apply for Regrant funds.

Decentralized Arts Funding (DAF) is an arts grant program created and funded by theLouisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.  Each Spring, SRAC administers this statewide, parish-by-parish program for Region 7, which includes:  Bienville, Caddo, Claiborne, DeSoto, Lincoln, Natchitoches, River, Sabine and Webster Parishes. Eligible applicants are non-profit arts organizations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools and schools boards, colleges and universities, as well as individual artists using a fiscal agent. 


SRAC is the only Arts Council in Louisiana who annually awards a $2,500 Artist Fellowship Award in each arts discipline.  The award is designed to enable Shreveport artist’s of exceptional talent the opportunity to pursue artistic goals.

For information on the Shreveport Regional Arts Council and programs it administers visit these websites:

Group Pages on Facebook:
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