Shreveport Regional Arts Council Is Inviting You To Refine Your Taste and Become a NORTHWEST LOUISIANA ART COLLECTOR.

It’s Easier Than You Think.

 If you think you want to become an art collector, but you don’t have the bank account or the refined taste of a J. Paul Getty or a Gertrude Stein, April is your lucky month.  The Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) is encouraging patrons and supporters of local artists who have been deemed collectible by national critics to become Northwest Louisiana Artist Collectors.

SRAC’S mission is to develop, produce, promote, advocate for, educate and maximize access to The Arts for all in Northwest Louisiana.  “We are working to create a complete Eco-System for the development of the Arts,” said Pam Atchison SRAC’s Executive Director.

Nationally renowned critic, Robert Pincus, says, “Support of art and artists through collecting is one of the vital dimensions of any community with a thriving art scene.  It is also such a pleasurable form of patronage, since you get to live with that work or works of art everyday and if you so desire, to have an ongoing dialogue with the artist who made it.”




  • Purchase at least one piece per year from your Collectible Artist for three years
  • Help advance your Artist either through your social network or keen business advice
  • Offer ongoing support to grow your Artist’s potential (some ideas include hosting a home-exhibition to introduce your artist to friends, commissioning a special gift or simply sharing coffee or a margarita)


Local Art COLLECTOR Betty Black says, “I have collected art for almost 50 years.  I collect Northwest Louisiana Artists Rachel Stuart Haas and Marilyn Couch through the Shreveport Regional Arts Council and many more artists outside of Northwest Louisiana.  I collect an artist because his or her work speaks to me and resonates with me personally.  Collecting is a great way to connect with the artists and to discover what motivates them to create their art.  The best way to get to know the Northwest Louisiana Artists and their artis to go to the exhibitions at artspace and Central Artstation—go to the places where the artists are.”

If you are interested in becoming a Shreveport Regional Arts Council Northwest Louisiana Artist Collector, call SRAC at 318-673-6500 or register online at