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Artspace Artist Studio Exhibition

  • artspace 710 Texas Street Shreveport, LA, 71101 United States (map)

Even though most Artists seem to “live their work,” we all need balance in our lives—a separation between work and all the rest. An Artists’ studio is where the magic happens--the conjuring place for new Art.

During April Culture Crush, SRAC is giving several local artists the opportunity to create their own studio space in artspace to work and to demonstrate their art to the public.

Each Artist chosen has a unique style. One is a fiber artist and views the world in textured and deconstructed layers. Another, after working with Soundsuit Artist Nick Cave, is now creating sculptural and jewelry forms. And yet another paints whimsical red winged cows that remind her of her home in Puerto Rico. An Artist Studio is usually a private sanctum, but during April Culture Crush, the public gets a rare opportunity for a sneak peak. Don’t miss it!

Kathryn Usher
“Current pieces are an out-growth of my work with Nick Cave/AS IS. They are jolly textile sculptures and jewelry heaped in color with textures shooting out like neon blasts of Sweet Lucys, Kool-Aid pickles and yoga mat stacks.”

Eric Francis
Each and everyday is a gift. My artwork is an expression of these treasures. Treasures I find throughout my day.

Lisandra T. Di Liberto Brown
Painting for me is a way to tell a story. I use my brush as a tool to create works that reflect my feelings and my past and present to create paintings that inspire and excite people’s minds.

Sarah Joy Lewis
Sarah Joy Lewis paints rich, vibrantly colored portraits and still lifes using acrylic paint and mixed media, including gold leaf and screen printing.

James Marks
Marks uses twisted wire, pipe cleaners and shards of metal to build human figures as toys and art objects. His work ranges from the size of a button to 12 feet tall.

Robert Trudeau
Trudeau’s media include pen and paper, acrylic on canvas and melody and video. “Swanky Louisianians” are his usual subjects, says Trudeau with a grin.  
Sherry Tamburo
As a fiber artist, felt making has opened up a type of Alchemy for me, where the common magically transforms into a thing of grace and beauty.