Support a Northwest Louisiana Artist & proudly display your ART!

Always wanted to become an ART COLLECTOR, but feared that you lack the bank account and refined taste of a J. Paul Getty or a Gertrude Stein?  April is your month!  

The professional Critics have selected the next group of “COLLECTIBLE” Artists…and each selected Artist is ready to be matched to a passionate Collector!

Nationally renowned art critic, Robert (Bob) Pincus, says, “Support of Art and Artists through collecting is one of the vital dimensions of any community with a thriving Arts scene.  It is also such a pleasurable form of patronage, since you get to live with that work or works of Art every day and if you so desire, to have an ongoing dialogue with the Artist who made it.”

During Culture Crush Month, 
SRAC makes it easy to become
a savvy Collector of local Art.

There are two ways to get involved:

1.  COMMIT to become a collector of one of the COLLECTIBLE ARTISTS!
You’ll have an exclusive opportunity to get to know the NWLA Artists and see where they work during a week “chocked full” of opportunities to help you make a “Match” with a “COLLECTIBLE” Artist:

Purchase at least one piece per year from your Collectible Artist for three years

Help advance your Artist either through your social network or keen business advice

Offer ongoing support to grow your Artist’s potential (some ideas include hosting a home-exhibition to introduce your artist to friends, commissioning a special gift or simply sharing coffee or a margarita)


2. Not ready to COMMIT to ONE ARTIST?  TAKE THE TOUR and TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY to meet, greet, see, and PURCHASE Artworks from more than 100 artists in the Shreveport-Bossier / Minden-Ruston Area!


For more information or to sign up to be a Collector during the Culture Crush Month Events contact Madison Poche at 318-673-6500
or email madison @ shrevearts.org

Before March 29, 2017