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Christmas In The Sky


The Shreveport Regional Arts Council is producing the biggest – most fantastical CHRISTMAS IN THE SKY gala ever:  Christmas in the Sky 2016: WE’RE ALL MAD HERE!  This biennial gala, Saturday, December 10, 2016 at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs, benefits the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC).  WE’RE ALL MAD HERE!  is destined to be the most imaginative and memorable experience of a lifetime as we twist and tumble down the Rabbit Hole to discover the “SRAC Twist” on WONDERLAND…it’s zany, unpredictable and unreal! 

Christmas in the Sky 2016: WE’RE ALL MAD HERE!  explores the madcap world of WONDERLAND on steroids! There are 15 themed Auction Sections featuring more than 900 Auction Items…each is prominently described in the AUCTION BOOK, which is mailed to the homes of 2,500 guests who pay $280 per ticket for the privilege of bidding “SKY HIGH!”  The LIVE AUCTION – in the PLAYBUNNY CLUB” – features outstanding trips, parties, and experience worth stepping up and through the Looking Glass!  ‘EAT ME – DRINK ME’ lavish buffets and open bars will make you feel Wonder-Full!  Wonderment beckons as more than 10 costume characters, dancers, musicians, comedians, and performers entertain throughout the evening!

Please help Alice get past the Red Queen’s “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” threat by generously donating an Auction Item or Service to Christmas in the Sky. Auction Donations have a minimum retail value of $100 and are described in the Auction Book mailed two weeks in advance of the gala – and featured on the SRAC Website - so that guests have advance opportunity to salivate and plan their bids! Please take a moment to complete and return the “SKY” Auction Contract! We’ll have a giant TEA PARTY to celebrate your generosity!  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will jump for joy!

Thank you for supporting the Shreveport Regional Arts Council and the many Community Arts Programs that benefit the citizens and visitors to Northwest Louisiana! From the phenomenal CELEBRATE EDUCATION – ArtBreak Student Arts Fest to Public Art; ARTSPACE – the center for the creation of ART with Academy Award Winner William Joyce as Artistic Director; UNSCENE! Happenings in burgeoning Shreveport Common; and programming at the Central ARTSTATION…the Shreveport Regional Arts Council makes our region its own kind of WONDERLAND!